De Pere City Council Allocates Stadium Tax Rebate

In big news last week, the De Pere City Council allocated nearly $1.3 million in excess tax money to various city projects. Nine projects were selected in total, and five of the projects likely would have been completed regardless of the Tax Refund.

The approved projects are as follows:

  • Re-write of City Zoning Code – $45,000
  • Establishment of City Brand – $100,000
  • De Pere Public Art intitiative – $100,000
  • De Pere Streetscape Project – $150,000
  • Pool Design – $300,000
  • Southwest Park Playground Equipment – $80,000
  • Splashpad – $300,000
  • Voyageur Park Amphitheater/Stage – $125,000
  • Voyageur Park Playground Equipment – $200,000

During deliberations, the City Council indicated that approximately $725,000 of the expenses were scheduled to happen in future budgets, effectively acting as debt relief. $325,000 of the discretionary funding was for improvements to Voyageur Park, including playground equipment and a permanent structure for housing music, theatre, and shows. $250,000 was approved for downtown improvements, including artistic murals, benches for pedestrian, and other decorations to improve the overall visuals.

Finally, $100,000 was approved for the establishment of a City Brand. This project, supported by the Chamber of Commerce, will result in defining top priorities for our city and the way we are presented to outsiders. This will include key messaging, logo, tagline, and a marketing communications plan to help consistently share and incoporate the brand throughout websites, social media, and advertising. This initiative will include training for businesses and organizations to learn how to co-brand with De Pere to further the collective impact and outcome.