Volunteering for the De Pere Area Chamber of Commerce is crucial as it fosters a strong sense of community engagement and collaboration.

Looking for Volunteering Opportunities?

By giving your time and skills, you contribute to the growth and success of local businesses, ultimately enhancing the overall economic development of the region. Furthermore, volunteering allows you to establish valuable connections, expand your professional network, and gain firsthand knowledge of the diverse industries and opportunities present within the De Pere area.

Thank You for Your Volunteering in Strengthening Our Community!

  • Peter Froelich
  • Ryan Kraft
  • Evan Mathu
  • Chris Robinson
  • Jonathan Peterson
  • Tony Giordana
  • Robert Jahnke
  • Kathryn Gardner
  • Morgan Orlando
  • Justin Steinbrinck
  • Ross Kroll
  • Adam Turriff
  • Logan Brecklin
  • Julie Coppersmith
  • Elizabeth Coenen
  • Dominic Reinerio
  • Jason Graef
  • Dan VanStraten
  • Peter Froelich
  • Robert Jahnke
  • Steve & Patti Payant
  • Morgan Orlando
Economic Development Committee
  • Michael Krutz
  • Carol Karls
  • Barbara Koldos
  • Dan Lindstrom
  • Steve Dill
  • Bruce Russell
  • Rob Peterson
  • Dustin Ackers
  • Corey Wollin
  • Mark Dunning
  • Michelle Tyo-Johnson
Marketing Committee 
  • David VandenBloomen
  • Chris Robinson
  • Raegan Olm
  • Mark Dunning
  • Ryan Leurquin
Bridge Sign Rental
  • Steve Rewolinski
  • Kelly Mains